With the Power of Self-Leverage

Work Less, Earn More, and Stop Trading Time for Money

Regain your passion, and become re-energized in your business or profession.

With the Power of Self-Leverage

Achieve a Recurring, Lifetime, Five to Six Figure, Personal Income

$10,000 to over $100,000, Really! No Hyperbole! If I can do it, you can too.

With the Power of Self-Leverage

Increase your personal income and personal productivity

and eliminate personal and career burnout

The Power of Self Leverage

Dr. Lee Thomas, the Business Doctor, shares with you how the power of self leverage can help anyone in business achieve long-term success.

Did you know, the original meaning of “Doctor”, in Latin, was “Teacher”? Surely, a “Teacher” made a positive difference in your life. That is what Doctor (Teacher) Thomas does for those in his audiences, workshops, and seminars.

Dr. Lee Thomas the business doctor speaking engagements


Dr. Lee Thomas shares his practical business knowledge and experience with professionals seeking self-employment, those who are in career transition or are “stuck”, and those who would like to exit their business successfully.

Meet Dr Lee Thomas the business doctor


Lee Thomas, DMD has successfully owned, managed and sold 15 businesses in 10 different industries over the course of 40+ years. His presentations share business development tools, techniques and personal development inspiration. Learn “How to Leverage Yourself”, to develop reoccurring lifetime income, and sustainable business success.

Dr Lee Thomas the business doctor consulting services


It is very important to keep in mind the distinction between you running your business and your business running you. If you are part of a small business, be aware that all small businesses eventually reach a certain level of growth and then stagnate.


The Business Doctor

Dr Lee Thomas is a former dentist and multiple business owner. He has successfully owned, managed and sold 15 businesses over the course of 40+ years. The businesses have been in ten different industries with annual revenues from under $50,000 to over $8,000,000

Currently, through Integrity Business Solutions, (a dba of Integrity Business Ventures, LLC), Dr. Thomas and his associates help people who are in career transition, and want to go into business; people who are in business and are stuck or facing challenges; and people who want to exit their business successfully in style.

Thanks for a great speaker with lots of laughs! Dr. Thomas confirmed the “paradigm shift” we made earlier this year … Thanks for the gift of a great man and speaker in Dr. Lee Thomas.
Tina W. - Tina Warren Financial group

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