ATT00012-SMBuilding an effective team is crucial to the success of any business.Interviewing prospective team members is the beginning of the process.

Here are eight keys to effective interviewing.

  1. Know your “Big Why”, and the “Big Why” of your business. Know beyond a doubt why you are in business, and what your business about (the real mission). Only then, will you be able to attract the “right people”.
  2. The one that asks the questions “controls” the interview. Resist the temptation to talk too much, Write down and utilize open ended questions to draw the interviewee into conversation, while making them comfortable and at ease during the interview.
  3. Be an effective (active) listener. Listening effectively can be an “art”, and it should be developed through conversations with employees, customers, and suppliers. It entails not only “hearing” but observing body language, tone of conversation, and employment of your “sixth” sense.
  4. Know what you are “looking for” in a team member. You do not have to interview everyone, looking for the “right” candidate. Utilize the position description (assuming it is well developed and complete) as a guide during the interview process. Often it is helpful to provide the position description to the candidate in advance so they can be in a position to “sell” you on their ability to fulfill the requirements of the position.

  6. Your attitude should be that you “want everyone” to join your team, but you select only the best.

  8. Hire for attitude, and train the skills required for the position. A person who has the proper skills but a poor attitude will detract from the team. Most skills can be trained, but modifying a person’s attitude can be a major, if not impossible task.

  10. Be sure to set aside quality time for an interview. Do not be rushed. Quality time spent in an effective interview saves time, resources, and future heartache of a poorly selected employee.

  12. After considering all of the “facts”, trust in your intuition.