And I don’t mean capital punishment

FUNNY FROGsmRecently, my wife completed an MBA program, and was awarded a Masters in Business Administration degree. It was a long process for her as she was employed full time. She was diligent, and we were elated at her accomplishment and in attending her “graduation”.

As a small business owner, I was particularly interested in the subjects she was required to complete. I was impressed with the case studies and the projects that her and her student team collaborated on. The business plans, marketing plans were particularly impressive. Quite honestly, I wished I had been able to construct such impressive plans.

One of the reasons she had embarked on the rigorous program was to attain career advancement in her profession. As a registered nurse, higher management level positions required advanced degrees, so she reasoned that if she was to attain a “mid to senior level” management position she needed an MBA. Upon graduation she took a management position, and was excited about the new challenge.

As she oriented in her new position and the months passed by, she found that she actually was not able to put into action many of the things she had learned in her MBA program. Eventually, she became frustrated and stressed to the point where resigned her position, and returned to her previous position at her former hospital.

The point is, that impressive business plans, marketing plans, management theories are great, but don’t have any value unless they are executed. Not only that they are executed, but are executed to a high level of proficiency and consistency. In the “real world” of business, it is superb and consistent execution that makes the difference between success, mediocrity and failure.

I am reminded about the philosophy of the famous football coach, Vince Lombardi. He stressed learning the “basics”, and having a “few plays” that were executed to perfection. Surely, elaborate plans or plays are impressive on paper, but when it comes winning, be it in football or the “game of business” it is all about execution. It may not be glamorous or flashy, but it is what gets the job done.

As a business owner, when you are doing your business plan, marketing plan, and setting your goals, be sure to include proper attention and focus on proper execution. That means that you plan for proper monitoring, measuring, and follow up on all initiatives. Execution is where the “rubber meets the road”, and that is where it counts. May you “execute your way to sustainable business success”.