SMILING DOLPHINSsmDales Carnegie said, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Get up, Go out and get busy.”

While less than 15% of the US workforce is self-employed, these entrepreneurs represent over 66% of our millionaires. Why is that? Are these people any smarter, or more talented” The answer is NO! They simply focus on opportunities and take action. They don’t over analyze. Furthermore, they take 100% responsibility for their results – no excuses and no blaming.

The wealthy entrepreneurs set their goals, take definitive action, monitor and own their results. They make adjustments as they go. In other words, it is goals, action, feedback, adjustments and more action! After all, nothing good happens until you take action, start moving. Action always trumps inaction. By taking action, these people learn from the marketplace and make real-time corrections based on current facts, not just speculation.

On the other hand, others focus on obstacles and analysis. They focus on “what can go wrong”. They are ruled by fear, comfort zones, and excuses. Their mode of operation is to delay taking action. They want to eliminate all risks and unknowns. They look for guarantees. This is unrealistic and will only guarantee a lack of success. Deadly analysis/paralysis takes over. Appropriate constructive examination of the facts is, of course the right thing to do. But then, take action. Why are you stalling in life? What are you putting off because of fear or imperfect information? What project is on hold for lack of ALL of the data? What dream is “on delay?”

The successful entrepreneur’s solution would be to start now wherever you are with whatever you have. Take some focused action and learn in the process, then adjust your course.

Success in business is simply the application of common sense, understanding and implementing the correct principles, being supported by the proper techniques, taking focused action, and measure everything that is important!

You can do it!! I just takes discipline and perseverance.