SMELL THE FLOWERSssI am a “trench worker”, having been “in the trenches” owning, growing, and successfully selling 15 businesses over 40 years. I have learned valuable lessons during this “in the trenches” work which can be directly applied to life. These lessons came directly from my business experiences. Here are some of them.


Being in business has taught me the importance of attitude. Not only to have a positive mental attitude, but the role that the correct attitude plays in our success. Attitude is an invaluable guide to instantly improving the way you feel about life, and your place in the world. The correct attitude helps you to effectively deal with adverse situations as well as those that are positive. It is the lubricant for your “psychic engine” that keeps it running smoothly. Sometimes we require an “attitude adjustment”, which is normal. This can be done in many ways including attending appropriate seminars, workshops, profound reading, and associating with the right people. Indeed, I believe we draw “psychic energy” from those whom we associate, therefore choose your friends and associates carefully. Avoid those who will drain your “psychic energy. No matter what situation presents itself, if you have the correct attitude, you will make the correct decisions, and every experience will be a growth experience.


Our reality is actually based on how and what we perceive. One of the blessings of being in business is that it exposes a person to many situations, circumstances and opportunities. These all influence our perception of reality. If our attitude is correct, our perceptions can lead us to new growth opportunities. These growth opportunities expand our horizons, and will significantly influence our personal lives. In essence, being in business broadens our world of experiences which influences our perceptions of things. This, intern, influences and expands our perceptions of reality in our personal lives.


Being in business has taught me the value of having good health. Without good health, one has a significant handicap in life. I learned to respect and value good health, and to not take it for granted. I learned that one has to take time, virtually every day, to maintain good health. Good physical health will enhance good mental health which is essential in being successful in business and life. Good health is essential to the maintenance of the correct attitude. They are directly related. Keep the correct attitude as you “re-attain” good health, then the good health will sustain your correct attitude. The experiences of business and life are a constant “draw” on our mental and “psychic” energy. With good health, we continually have the reserves to provide the energy that is required.


I learned to be responsible for my actions, to no make excuses, and accept the consequences of my decisions. It is tempting to place responsibility for consequences on someone or something else. To do this, actually robs us of the ability to grow and develop. Failures or set backs have been a major learning situations for me.

Quality Relationships

I learned the value of developing quality relationships. It takes time and the expenditure of energy to develop quality relationships. Once developed, they need to be nurtured and maintained. Quality relationships are the cornerstones of any real rewarding life. No one is a “rock or an island”, and life is full and meaningful when we share it with others who we truly value and who value us.