Real wealth is composed of three attributes: Health, Family, and Time.


Good mental and physical health is paramount to sustainable success, and therefore Real Wealth. Without it, obviously, all other virtues of wealth are much attenuated, or even meaningless. It is often difficult, once lost, to regain it. Therefore, it is important to maintain and enhance it as early in life as possible.



Family, including even extended quality relationships is the second important attribute of Real Wealth. Not just having a family, but doing all that is necessary to foster and maintain quality relationships. It requires an investment in time, energy, and focus, making it a priority in one’s life.


Time is the third important attribute of Real Wealth. It is a precious commodity, and one often taken for granted. Its importance is often not fully realized until late in life. Obviously, once it is gone, it cannot be reclaimed. Real Wealth is discretionary time. That is, to be able to do what you desire when you desire to do it, whether it’s watching your kids ‘soccer games and dance recitals, or creating new client proposals. You can always earn more money, but you can’t make more time.


So what about money? Take away the Real Wealth attributes, and money is of no value. Utilizing the three Real Wealth attributes wisely will result in having money sufficient to sustain proper focus on the importance of the three attributes of Real Wealth.